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We leverage technology and customer service to help you say goodbye to your appraisal management headaches. 


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Introducing FLARE. Ignite your appraisal process.



We manage the appraisal process and we do it well.  From compliance and liability protection to vendor management and quality assurance, we excel as a full service appraisal management firm.


Process management is a simplified term for the administration of the tasks necessary to meet organizational goals. In other words, from the perspective of appraisal management, we do it all. 


We offer comprehensive management of appraiser panels from licensing requirements, insurance verification, geographic competency and more. Vendor management is an essential component to the value proposition that we provide for our clientele.  


The current regulatory environment is enough to give any compliance officer nightmares.  By leveraging technology and experience, we provide a superior solution. 


Reconsideration of value can be tricky given the compliance requirements.  We ensure that the process is handled smoothly and efficiently.


Great customer service is what differentiates a company from its peers and elevates it from ordinary to extraordinary. We recognize you as our valued client, and as such, the implementation support functions are paramount.


We deploy a superior quality assurance protocol to diminish revision rates and allow the appraisal to clear underwriting with a higher degree of confidence.


Getting the final product to the client as fast as possible is one of our highest priorities.  To ensure minimum turn times without compromising quality is where the magic happens, but that is also where we excel.


We find that over-communication is a good thing.  The current status, file commentary and documents are always accessible via our best in class, web-based management platform.  


Each appraisal ordered is tracked by our team from order entry to delivery and every step in between. Once reports are received in our office, they go through an automated pre-delivery quality control review as well as a manual technical review to ensure that our clients are delivered a compliant report of the highest quality.

With the click of a mouse, you can quickly and easily order, track, and receive your appraisal orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Through a secure login to our cloud based tracking system our clients can retrieve and review reports uploaded to our website anytime and from anywhere. Our system is automatically updated in real time throughout the entire transaction.




The Interagency Guidelines Establishing Standards for Safeguarding Customer Information published February 1, 2001 and revised March 29, 2005, state that each financial institution has an obligation to ensure that each of its service providers has established a security program that is consistent with the Interagency Guidelines and guidelines set forth in the FACT Act of 2003. In addition, The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), FHFA, HUD and other agencies have established that lenders/brokers are accountable for vendor compliance with consumer protection laws and federal regulations related to mortgage lending. The policy sets forth minimum standards for lenders/brokers to manage the risks inherent in third-party relationships. The CFPB, empowered by Dodd-Frank as well as the Federal Trade Commission under the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), calls for immediate compliance with these regulations through effective vendor management of third-party relationships. 

In a nutshell: lenders and AMC's are now accountable for vendor compliance. This type of regulatory environment is enough to keep any compliance manager up at night.  Given the nature of our client base and business model, compliance with the various layers of state and federal laws is mandatory and essential. We adhere to a strict set of protocol regarding data security, transmission and storage. To that end, the Market Valuation Services meets or exceeds the regulatory requirements for:


·         Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act

·         Dodd-Frank Act

·         Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

·         Appraiser Independence Requirements

From technology to policy and practices procedures, the Market Valuation Services business model is designed specifically to mitigate the risk associated with appraisal acquisition without sacrificing efficiency.  



Market Valuation Services is a recognized leader in appraisal compliance and quality. Our function is to facilitate appraisal independence while maintaining a level of customer service that the lender can depend on. We recognize that you are the client, and as such, the implementation and scalability of specific requirements are paramount in our model. As the conduit in the appraisal process, you can rely on MVS to ensure product and licensing compliance on a national and state level, while maintaining the turn times our clients deserve and expect. 



MVS was created out of the industry recognized need for a fast, efficient, and accurate AMC. As former appraisers and significant banking industry executives, who better was there to manage the changing appraisal landscape? Having vision from both sides of the playing field has evolved into the company that many of you know, trust and depend on. It was with that charge in mind that we created MVS and what you will find to be the best AMC experience available. 



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